Indigenous Youth Research

This survey was conducted among the existing target group of projects in ACT: Implementing Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) and Feminist in Action (FiA) right after got called from YCC-IREX-Youth Excel funded by the USAID in May 2023, who announce for the youth research topics relate to the environment and indigenous people, ACT found it useful and relate to the existing project of ACT which both of project will be end by November 2023 and April 2024. As so far the indigenous group work on ISAF or FiA but other environmental issue and loan or debt still their hot topics that they keep sharing about from time to time without any action commitment from government or relate institution yet for the indigenous people. Thus, the finding will help to bring about their concern with environmental and debt beside the current ISAF and FiA project for indigenous voices to be heard. So this report finding is focus on four main topic:  first about the indigenous youth and environment protection, second on ISAF, third on FiA, and fourth on indigenous and debt.

Report in Khmer and English available:

របាយការណ៍ពីបរិស្ថាន គណនេយ្យភាពសង្គម បំណុល SuveyReportIEV Sep23

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